Innocence Lost

One in 10 children will be the victim of sexual abuse before they turn 18 years old.  Although this is an alarming statistic, people stay silent and are afraid or too ashamed to talk about.

If we are going to diminish the number of future abuse cases, then we have to be unafraid to have the conversation and expose it. It’s a reality that sexual abuse happens to children and the only  way we will be able to stop it is through education, empowerment and awareness. We must do everything in our power to protect the children. 

Without Permission

My world of innocence, my world of purity, sanity and bliss
was changed the moment you touched me, forced me, demanded we kiss.
Each time I cried, slowly died, I even asked why
you said you loved me, I learned later that love never lies.

My world of comfort, my world of peace
was distorted, contorted fulfilling your daily needs.
Without permission you continued to proceed.

My world filled with lace and crimson, dolls and fairy tales
was a facade, an illusion, a storybook of dreams.
How real it seemed I was loved by my family, surrounded by blessings
but it was you who embraced me with undesired caressing

I never said yes, I was too scared to say no
I wanted it to stop, I didn’t know who to tell, or where to go.
You touched me, made me feel dirty, and then….
You’d talk and play with me as though we were friends.

I told my mother, I couldn’t bear the thought of my sin. I couldn’t bear the thought of you touching me again.
Without permission you invaded my body, my mind, my world,
you ruined my childhood, the innocence of a little girl.

I grew up with the memories, the tears and the pain,
I had nightmares, blamed myself, struggled with early romances,
true love is not the same.
Without permission you’ve became a constant in my life,
I now speak out for girls, mothers and wives.

Those who find themselves struggling as the result of abuse,
those who want to give in because without permission they’ve been used.

Nanette M. Buchanan © 2010

If you know, think, or suspect a child that you know is being abused, please speak up!  You can make a difference by not being silent. To learn how you can help, please visit our sister organization, Darkness to Light website for educational tools: https://www.d2l.org/education/5-steps/step-1/

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