Angel Wings Bridge Foundation (AWBF) is a 501(c)(3) organization that’s located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We provide services for sexual abuse victims and their families. We provide local and national resources, educational information, and conduct support groups. If you live outside of the area, we will assist you in finding resources within your community. Our main focus is to empower and educate children, families, teachers, and community leaders on prevention and awareness of sexual abuse.  We have partnered with substance abuse facilities, licensed therapists, and other community organizations that will assist victims and their families to overcome abuse.

Our Mission
The mission of the Angel Wings Bridge Foundation is to bridge the gap in services to link abuse victims to resources that will promote prevention, awareness and healing through support, education, and spirituality. Our goal is to make an ongoing and positive impact in our communities through education, empowerment of victims and diminishing the number of sexual abuse cases that permeate throughout our society.

Our Vision
To educate our children, families, teachers, and community members to recognize the signs of sexual abuse before it happens. To empower abuse victims to break their silence and to reach out for help so they can begin to heal.

Our Programs
– Clients participate in self-esteem building activities
– Support Group Programs
– Provide professional resource referrals
– Assistance in setting personal goals for healing
– Empowerment, mind, body, and spirit


Sharon R. Simonson, is an advocate for sexual abuse victims. She uses her own personal testimony of survival for illustration, and passionately speaks out about prevention and awareness of sexual abuse. With a message focused and centered on encouraging hope, unwavering faith and perseverance, Sharon guides others to realize, evaluate and triumphantly overcome the obstacles in their own lives through self-awareness and individual growth. This advocate and author of several articles and essays, has written heartfelt, spiritual and inspirational messages highlighting her own individual healing journey while encouraging and uplifting others to do the same in their lives.

Angel Wings Bridge Foundation, is the non-profit organization she established to support and empower sexual abuse victims. The organization serves as a bridge that links victims to professional resources that promotes healing through support, education, and spirituality.  Sharon focuses on educating and inspiring audiences at faith-based organizations, teen groups, students, incarcerated women, and victims who are in treatment.

In addition, Sharon is also the CEO of Angel Wings Publications, LLC, a publication company she created to self-publish her first book project, “Without Permission” A Spiritual Journey to Healing.  She has a certification in Human Resource Management, and is currently enrolled in a Human Services degree program at Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown, NC.

Sharon is utilizing her advocacy efforts to empower victims of the community. She is working on completing a documentary film based on her book, which will be marketed to school districts nationally and internationally.  The project is being created to encourage our youth to use their voices if they feel threatened or violated. Through her projects and published work, Sharon’s goal is to help diminish the alarming number of teenage suicides, teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol addictions, prostitution, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), that is occurring in our youth population.